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Visualization of Belief Systems is a powerful tool for studying the dissemination of beliefs through complex real world social systems and for predicting the effects of new strategies and tactics.


Factors ranging from peoples’ prior knowledge to the level of trust in their close relationships to their contacts with influential people and sources of propaganda and human dimensions, such as social, behavioral, and cultural characteristics inform the dynamic network analysis allowing effects to emerge that are not produced by simple link analysis tools.



• VIBES integrates state of the art dynamic network analysis and visualization into an easy to use web application.

• VIBES is powered by mature entity extraction, dynamic network analysis and forecasting technologies (AutoMap and ORA) from Carnegie Mellon University.

• VIBES is user customizable to a specific area of interest or culture.

• VIBES ingests unstructured text such as PDFs, etc.

• A web services architecture allows the VIBES support team to integrate VIBES with customer centered workflows.






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