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University Programs

Share the power of discrete event simulation with your students by using Micro Saint Sharp simulation software. If you are a university or college professor and are interested in having simulation software for your class, Micro Saint Sharp is the tool for you.

Micro Saint Sharp is useful for any process or activity that can be drawn as a flow chart. Therefore, it is flexible enough for use in any industry. We feel that students can benefit from the skills learned through simulation. They will be better decision makers and will be able to show companies how to save time and money.

Micro Saint Sharp has a package available specifically for professors that includes:

  • One full version of Micro Saint Sharp,
  • An unlimited-use student version of Micro Saint Sharp that can be installed on a network (limited to 50 tasks and 50 variables), 
  • Teaching materials for lectures.

For more information about the professorís package, please contact us at or call us at 303-442-6947.

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