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George Thomas
Technical Fellow
Torrey Pike
Member of Technical Staff
United Defense Ground Systems Division

"MA&D developed a user-friendly simulation model that allowed us to get results quickly and efficiently. We have found it more cost effective to hire MA&D to develop the simulation versus doing it ourselves. We're using the results of the model to design a new manufacturing environment. Plus they are easy to work with and simulation is MA&D's expertise."

Lisa Ott
Business Analyst
Johnson and Higgins/ KVI

"As part of implementing a new Group Universal Life insurance system, our project team first used Micro Saint to model our current business processes and costs. We then used the tool to innovate new workflows and model the associated new costs. By contrasting the reengineered workflow costs with the baseline previously established, we were able to validate the benefits and cost reductions a new system would provide.

Micro Saint is unique in that we can actuallly see the process in motion. This gives us a visual and statistical view of where a transaction may bottleneck or where rework may occur. Micro Saint provides us with valuable cost comparison documentation and, in the end, enables our company to improve the service to our customers."

Kurt Kucsma, AIA
Vice President
Time Dynamics, Inc.

"We are architects and planners, not computer scientists. When we face questions of emergency evacuation and the complex movement of crowds of people, we can not send our subjects to the laboratory for stress-testing. Micro Saint enables us to build interactive models of time-critical processes, using graphical logical and dimensional language to which we are accustomed. It is like a sketch pad with which I can communicate to my clients the results of architectural and operational choices under differing traffic loads, patterns, and strategies."

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