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Computer Simulation and Modeling

One of our main tools for analyzing human-systems integration issues is computer modeling and simulation.  Specifically, the MA&D Operation has unique capabilities for modeling human performance.  We can help examine workload, the impacts of stressors, the impacts of automation, and human decision-making.  However, the applications we can model are not limited to these alone. 

We have experience in providing simulation services in a wide variety of areas including:

  • Military systems
  • Human performance
  • Manpower analysis
  • Manufacturing systems
  • Health care systems
  • Insurance and banking
  • Service industries

Using modeling and simulation we have answered questions about how to design a production line, how to staff a ship, how to build a hospital, how to redesign a process, all focusing on predicting measures of system performance and efficiency.  Let the MA&D Operation work with your team to design and build new systems, and help answer questions with simulation models. To answer questions with simulation, we draw upon our highly trained staff with extensive experience in simulation. We know how to go about the process of gathering information, constructing a model, validating the model, and gathering data and answering questions with the model. Additionally, we understand how important it is to work with customer teams in setting simulation objectives and ensuring that our work is all in support of these objectives.

Simulation-Based Decision Support Systems

Using our Micro Saint simulation engine as the core, we have developed custom tools to help users with no simulation knowledge or experience use complex and powerful simulations to give them answers to their questions. Instead of going through the process of building a model, the user enters data into a custom-designed front-end and receives the simulation results via custom-designed output and reports.

Cognitive Modeling

In addition to our proven capabilities in task network simulation, we have recently added a powerful corporate capability in modeling complex human cognitive behavior.  This new capability has allowed us to integrate discrete-event simulation and cognitive modeling into a tool that can be used to model some of the most complex human behaviors, such as tactical decision making, problem solving, and planning.


While we often have an eye towards using our commercial products, Micro Saint, the Integrated Performance Modeling Environment (IPME) and WinCrew, we do provide support using other tools as well. We have built models using basic tools such as computer spreadsheets and more complicated tools such as distributed interactive simulation environments.

If you are interested in a list of references and a capabilities brochure please send an email to:

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