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Human Centered Performance Assessment Tool (HCPAT)


HCPAT is an integrated set of software tools that support performance measurement (PM) construction, data collection, assessment, analysis, and after action review (AAR) development for distributed training environments with live, virtual, and constructive (LVC) components. HCPAT builds on and extends the Navy Fleet-tested Tactical Warfare Instructor Support Environment (TacWISE) measure development and assessment framework to include support for automated performance measurement. HCPAT is designed to augment traditional observer based assessment methods by providing capabilities for constructing measures for automated on-line data collection, assessment and analysis tasks to enhance the training process and improve the user community’s ability to link training to performance readiness.


In military and other high performance environments, a goal of advanced training is improving and maintaining individual and team performance readiness. The effectiveness of the training process is a critical factor in the continuous improvement of individual and team proficiency. To focus training to efficiently and effectively attain and maintain performance readiness, a framework is needed to monitor training and performance, provide feedback, and modify the training process as needed to assure continuous improvement. HCPAT is a tool to support the PM and AAR components of the training process.



• Standardized performance measurement

• On-line automated performance data collection and measurement

• Integration of observer-based and automated performance data

• Improved quality and timeliness of feedback

• Training and performance data collection, analysis, debrief preparation and archiving



• Defining the domain or mission specific scenario assessment events

• Defining performers and expected task and performance requirements

• Constructing automated event detection algorithms

• Creating observer-based and automated measures and assessments

• Pre-defining data filters, types and groups for analyses



• Single screen, “point and click” evaluator interface

• Stand-alone and/or networked evaluators at multiple locations

• Automated performance data capture and measurement

• Integration of observer-based and automated measure data

• Evaluator alerts and screen capture functions

• Capture of evaluator performance comments and organized by user defined




• Performance analysis of single exercise or comparison across multiple exercises

• Pre-defined analyses and summary data immediately available after the exercise including:

  - Event timeline

  - Summary assessment analysis by phase, individual, team, time, event, etc

  - Analysis by user defined event and measure category groups

  - Summary data analyses

  - Conversion to assessment rating scales based on predefined standards

  - Weighted aggregate ratings

AAR development

- Automated output of assessment rating analyses and performance data to a Microsoft PowerPoint based AAR assessment ‘drill down’

  - Assessment comments linked to rating scores with separate summary section

  - Links to performance evidence files



TacWISE has been successfully used to evaluate the performance of Navy Carrier Strike Groups and Expeditionary Strike Groups for over four years. The independent observations of evaluators located at sea, in the air and on shore were merged and feedback was provided to underway participants within four to six hours, and within two hours for shore based exercises.


On-line automated performance data collection using HCPAT has been demonstrated for both DIS and HLA environments. Recent work has included data collection and performance assessment demonstration in an F/A 18 2-ship simulation environment for an air combat mission. The general purpose architecture, user interface and evaluation instrument development capability make HCPAT adaptable for application to evaluating and analyzing performance for different measurement frameworks, levels of analysis, human performance environments, and complex training or operational environments.

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