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Custom Software Design and Development

As our company name suggests, a central focus of our business is the design and development of small computer systems application software. Over the years the definition of "small computer" has expanded significantly and the MA&D Operation has developed software for numerous microcomputers, workstations, and mini-computers working in virtually all major operating systems and languages as indicated in the table below:

Hardware Platforms

Sun Workstation,
PC Compatible,
Silicon Graphics Workstation

Operating Systems

Windows 95/98, 2000, Windows NT, MS DOS, LINUX


C, C++, C#, Pascal, FORTRAN, Visual Basic, JAVA

In addition to software development, the MA&D Operation is also known for testing. Because we have roots in the areas of ergonomics and human factors, we maintain close contact with the state-of-the-art in human-computer interface design issues. These skills are applied to the design and testing of MA&D Operation software.

At Alion's MA&D Operation, software documentation is a central part of the software design and development process. In addition to standard hard-copy documentation for both programmers and users, the company has pioneered the development of on-line user's guides through the use of hypermedia.

On-time and Within Budget! 
The MA&D Operation has built its reputation by completing projects on-time and within budget.  We will work with you as needed, either at your site or ours. We will deliver the source code we have written, complete with in-line documentation and any other supporting materials that you request, including user documentation. We can install the software on your systems and train your users in its operation.  Our history of on-time and within budget delivery is excellent and we will gladly provide you with references to back up this claim!

Examples of the kind of software that we've developed
The MA&D Operation has built numerous software applications and embedded products.  Some of the types of software that we've created include:

  • Custom decision support systems
  • Database-enabled product support via web applications
  • Animated 2D and 3D graphics applications
  • Natural language systems
  • Analysis tools for engineers
  • Training systems

We've proven ourselves to be versatile in the areas where we can provide software development support.  We learn quickly and have a process for code design, development, testing, and integration that succeeds!

If you are interested in a list of references and a capabilities brochure please send an email to: or call us at 303-442-6947.

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